Saturday, August 8, 2009


Where does your joy come from? Think about that for a moment....

Do you rely on "things" to bring you joy, maybe material things. In my life, I have to say that material things are part of my joy, but while people have become so wanting and needy for "things," and now suffering because of the economy, I have been experiencing my own recession since the 1980s, and have learned to live without depending on material things to bring me joy.

As we grow older, we may tend to weed out "material" things, and realize that we really do not need them, especially to be joyful. Those who "ratpack" and just cannot part with items collected over the years, are keeping themselves in bondage--bondage from freedom, bondage from letting go, to feel joy. There is a deeper meaning to the "ratpack syndrome."

We all want joy, but do we give joy? Do we smile at that stranger passing us by? Do we make life easier for others? Do we share what the good Lord has given us? Try to keep in your heart the phrase, "It is better to give....unasked!"

"Joy is not in is in us"

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