Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holidays are Past...Welcome 2010


The tree was taken down this morning and put by the curb for pick-up; I felt sad that we had to toss it, because it was part of us for a few weeks, and we were part of "it."

The ornaments are all wrapped snuggly, and packed away now,-- the ornaments that we have carried over from year to year: old fashioned balls, special Christmas trinkets, dated items we picked up over the decades from craft fairs, and special handmade ornaments that my granddaughter made especially for "MeMa," dotted the delicate branches.

We would carefully place all the bells on the bottom row so when our cat was batting at the tree, trying to get the ornaments off, we would be warned when we heard the tinkling of the bells. He is now in kitty heaven, but we still put up one of the bells to remember him.

Just a few moments ago I heard a "tinkling" of a bell, as the back door opened. That was one of the jingle bells that was overlooked. It reminded me of two things: was my cat's spirit in and around the house today, and the bell was his way of saying "I am here," as well as the jingling coming from Santa's sleigh.

The house is empty now, and the living room seems bland. How nice it would be to keep the Christmas spirit, and all it entails, each and every day of the year. The catchy Christmas tunes no longer play on the radio. The Christmas cd's and dvd's are packed up until next Christmas. No more Christmas cards will come in the mail..... the holidays are past.

We are in the infancy of 2o10. There is nothing wrong in keeping those Christmas thoughts, tunes, and the spirit of Christmas within your heart. The ornaments and all may be packed away and out of site, but the spirit of the season is always with you...if it wasn't, then why do we have "Christmas in July" sometimes. I know I play some Christmas music then, and every single day I try to do my Christmas duty.

Keep "Christ" in Christmas... keep Christ in your life, and do His work. That's what the spirit is all about.

The holidays may be past, but the spirit should always be present....Welcome 2010!

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year New Attitude

Seems like we just were anticipating the "turning of the century" with the year 2000, and now we are just about completing it's first decade.

When we look back, do we feel as if we have accomplished some goals, tried to better ourselves, gave to others as we should, and did good deeds?

As we raise our glass of wine at 12 midnight on January 1, 2010 and greet the new year, we should also greet a new attitude toward many things; only you know what those "things" are.
I don't mean "resolutions," as we should make new resolutions every day, learning from yesterday's mistakes, and doing better each new day to become a better person, but to make each moment really count in our lives.

Have we shown total appreciation for family members? Do we give "quality" time to our small children, and elderly family and friends, or do we take them for granted, have wispy thoughts and good intentions, then we are back at square one---putting our needs first.

Maybe in 2010 you can take an hour out of your schedule and visit a lonely person at a nursing home. These residents are not necessarily older people, but could be young and have the misfortune of now living in a home long term. It could be YOU!

We all know people who are needy and not necessarily in a nursing home. Reach out to them. If you find it difficult, and not sure of how to go about it, pray to the Holy Spirit, and to Jesus, to "guide your thoughts " on how you can make a difference.

Are we watching how we spend our money? People spend --not because they need, but because they WANT. Why do they "want?" Are they feeling a sense of loss in their life, and buying something they cannot afford to make them happy? It might make them happy for a little while, but the sad gap is still there. This also goes for overeating--comfort food. That which is habit, soon becomes necessity. New Year New Attitude-- make changes to overcome these sad, it won't be easy! NO, IT WON'T BE EASY! But only we can make our own happiness.

Has someone done a good deed for you: allowed you to cross a busy street, let you make the turn on a busy road, let you go ahead in line at the food store, dug out a few pennies to give to that stranger at the register when the cashier needed "just 2 cents more." Has someone sent over a container of soup, or made you a dishful of food and sent it over when you were out of work or when you were sick?

Think about all this. When you take with your left hand, give something with your right hand. Pass it forward. It is better to give.....unasked.

2010 NEW YEAR NEW ATTITUDE Make a difference. Go the extra mile. Put your needs and wants aside and Pass it forward. Pray

Then when 2010 passes, and we are entering 2011, we can look back and be proud of accomplishing new goals, and that we gave to others, put our own needs aside, and know that we have bettered ourselves......and bettered others.

For those of you who have turned 50 years old, you have to realize that half your life has passed, and in looking back, can you say you accomplished what you wanted, so far, learned, grew, taught, shared when you had to? By the time you are 50, you should be taking all that you have learned all your life and start applying it; you will NOT get back those years again. It is also "never to late to begin."

God has given us borrowed time here on earth to do for others in need. He will look down upon you, and when you least expect it, He will bless you in ways that you would never believe is possible.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Certain People Are Put In Our Path.....'s all about people. People we work with, people we call, people we live with, people who pass us by in a car, or walking, or in a store. Some people are labeled "friend," some are labeled "family," some....are unlabled.

"Treat people as you want to be treated," so the saying goes. Do you find it difficult to do the right thing, and then you are treated badly? Do the right thing anyway.

Put aside your material things in life, and give more time to those "people" who are in need, whether they are nice to you or not. God is watching, and maybe testing you! Make a difference in someone's life; you will be blessed. God will reward you, one day. He actually may send a special person to you...put them in your path. Make 2010 a giving year.

Certain people are put in our path; some come and go, and some walk beside us. What are we without each other?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From the Heart

As we head for the end of December, and the end of 2009, we should reflect back over those 52 weeks, and ask ourselves, "Did I accomplish everything I set my heart on doing last year at this time ? Did I discipline myself to follow my heart on decisions, and most of all, did I learn anything that I have a special place for in my heart?"

Life has changed so drastically over the last year. The world has not changed, the people have changed, and we are now facing many adversities with politicians, criminals, and many others. They have no heart. You cannot serve money and God, so I ask you to "follow your heart," and pray for peace: peace in the world, peace with others, and your heart.

Have a heart this Christmas season, keeping God FIRST. Warm someone's heart, someone who may annoy you, scrape at you, or someone you have weeded out of your life, and do something wonderful for them--give them something from your heart. This is the true meaning of giving in God's eyes.

Thank you for this "Heart-to- Heart." MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A BLESSED NEW YEAR

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let the leaves FALL where they may...

It seemed like yesterday when I said, "It is already September, where did the summer go?" Now I will say, "Here we are in October; another month, as well as another season is here."

If you are in the northeast, you will experience some of nature's most beautiful gifts. What comes to mind initially, for me, are the fall colors. I actually found a fall leaf on July 1 at a local park nearby. Reaching to pick it up, it was so hard to believe that on July 1, there was already a colorful leaf on the ground. "Were there more?" I asked myself.

Now I am noticing that more squirrels are scampering quickly everywhere. My driveway, as well as the stairs that go to my back porch and my front porch, have remnants of acorn shells and walnut and chestnut shells that the little critters broke open, and "somewhere" cleverly hid their food for the winter. Don't ask me "how," but we found a pear in the driveway with "little nibbles" all over it. I wonder how the the little critter carried that darn thing!

Back in the mid 1980's I wrote a children's story, which included thoughts of what I am sharing today, so far. I am working with a literary agent on my book, and it is in the process of being accepted by a publishing company. I won't share what is in the book about the squirrels, but I will assure you that they have a good part in the book. So, you will just have to get the book when it is on the book shelves. It is entitled, "NOW I WANT A HORSE."

Actually, it is a bunny story! Yes, you read that correctly....a bunny story for children 3 years old and up. The story takes place in Naugatuck, CT., and is a true experience. The story took place over two seasons, and a little bit about the fall season, which makes for a special blend.

I invite you to visit the website, still in progress at:

The first week in October is just about behind us, and the leaves on the trees are colorfully gathered hugging the sides of the roads, dotting the yards, and flittering down upon us as we walk or drive. Enjoy each moment of the season....and let the leaves FALL where they may..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where did the summer go?

September is here and we are at the end of the summer; hopefully, we are at the end of the heat and humidity, as well. This is such a beautiful time of the year--I actually saw a "fall" leaf on July 1 !
Whether it is a new month, or a new day, we should face each one with the thought, "new attitude." I often say, "new day, new attitude," and try to learn from yesterday's mistakes, getting another chance with the new day, not to make those mistakes again. Life is a great teacher.

What does September bring for you? Do you ever ask, "How can I make a difference today?" How can YOU make a difference today? We get more bonus points if we do something for someone we don't like; what good is there in doing something for someone who is not in need...just because they are a friend? You might think, "I do for those who do for me." Well, there is nothing wrong in that, but why not reach out and help someone in whatever way is needed, for someone who is less fortunate? Now, that is one way you can make a difference!

God may bless you, so take it with your left hand, and give it away with your right hand. And if a good deed was done for you...... pass it forward. YOU can make a difference.... little by little.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Now I Want a Horse" Yes, it's a bunny story!

That sure is a silly name for a bunny story! Writer's are strange in their thinking sometime....have you ever noticed that?
In this story, which is a true experience, Marie worked from the second half of the book first.....again...aren't writers strange in their thinking! This is a book that was written in the late 1980s, as well as many other books that are sitting there to be published. If you want to write, your best bet is to write about "what you know."

I invite you to visit my website, still in progress about my bunny story. Please go to:

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and list the e mail addresses for my mailing list....if you know 20,000 people, I need 20,000 e mail addresses! That, my agent requests...its not another strange way of thinking from this writer!

On my blog that you are reading today, I ask that you please click on
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"Now I Want a Horse" should be out on the bookshelves by mid-2010

So, hop to it!