Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let the leaves FALL where they may...

It seemed like yesterday when I said, "It is already September, where did the summer go?" Now I will say, "Here we are in October; another month, as well as another season is here."

If you are in the northeast, you will experience some of nature's most beautiful gifts. What comes to mind initially, for me, are the fall colors. I actually found a fall leaf on July 1 at a local park nearby. Reaching to pick it up, it was so hard to believe that on July 1, there was already a colorful leaf on the ground. "Were there more?" I asked myself.

Now I am noticing that more squirrels are scampering quickly everywhere. My driveway, as well as the stairs that go to my back porch and my front porch, have remnants of acorn shells and walnut and chestnut shells that the little critters broke open, and "somewhere" cleverly hid their food for the winter. Don't ask me "how," but we found a pear in the driveway with "little nibbles" all over it. I wonder how the the little critter carried that darn thing!

Back in the mid 1980's I wrote a children's story, which included thoughts of what I am sharing today, so far. I am working with a literary agent on my book, and it is in the process of being accepted by a publishing company. I won't share what is in the book about the squirrels, but I will assure you that they have a good part in the book. So, you will just have to get the book when it is on the book shelves. It is entitled, "NOW I WANT A HORSE."

Actually, it is a bunny story! Yes, you read that correctly....a bunny story for children 3 years old and up. The story takes place in Naugatuck, CT., and is a true experience. The story took place over two seasons, and a little bit about the fall season, which makes for a special blend.

I invite you to visit the website, still in progress at:

The first week in October is just about behind us, and the leaves on the trees are colorfully gathered hugging the sides of the roads, dotting the yards, and flittering down upon us as we walk or drive. Enjoy each moment of the season....and let the leaves FALL where they may..