Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Now I Want a Horse" Yes, it's a bunny story!

That sure is a silly name for a bunny story! Writer's are strange in their thinking sometime....have you ever noticed that?
In this story, which is a true experience, Marie worked from the second half of the book first.....again...aren't writers strange in their thinking! This is a book that was written in the late 1980s, as well as many other books that are sitting there to be published. If you want to write, your best bet is to write about "what you know."

I invite you to visit my website, still in progress about my bunny story. Please go to: http://seriogirlstories.com

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"Now I Want a Horse" should be out on the bookshelves by mid-2010

So, hop to it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Charity run for Leukemia

Sometimes, people come into our path by fate, and this is exactly what happened to me. A couple weeks ago I ventured back to a beautiful town in Ct. to take a unique picture on someone's property. My heart was set on getting that photo, but little did I know that my heart would be touched by the owner and his son.
At first glance, and first meeting, Bob and Robyn, his son, are very ordinary, down-to-earth people. They shared some thoughts with (my) Bob and I about this unique photo I was taking; they didn't pull out the gun to shoo us off the property!
On the other hand, we found out that Robyn goes to LA every year in the fall to do a charity run of 26 miles for research and the cure of Leukemia. When they shared that, I totally forgot about what we were there for to begin with, and became engrossed with such a great deed!
I ask that you please check out the website, and make a donation to this great cause.


It might mean you give up a pack of cigarettes, a six pack of beer, or maybe disciplining yourself to "do a good deed" today for this great cause. Remember... "It is better to give...unasked."

Although I am only an advocate for Robyn and Team in Training, I thank you for taking the time to read this blog; ask yourself, 'How can I make a difference?' Robyn and Team in Training thanks you as well.

And... as far as that mystery photo you are wondering about... I will be using it as a postcard, so if you would like me to send it along, please e mail me and let me know! I will send it right after I make that donation to Team in Training.... the Leukemia fund!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Newsletter out soon....

Thank you for visiting my blog! As a writer, I am always thinking, and one of the things I thought about was to write a newsletter, and share it with you! It will be short and sweet, as we all know that nobody wants to spend a lot of time reading a long and dragged out e mail or newsletter. The only thing that you will spend a lot of time on, is how I made you feel, what I made you think about, and how you actually related.

If you would like to register for my "free" newsletter, please e mail me at MoreStories107@aol.com. Please do not send me jokes or funny e mails. The newsletter is strictly my thoughts, as a writer, to share with you. If you feel you need to ask me a question on a personal basis, and I can help you, please feel free to send a separate e mail, and it will be kept in strict confidence.

Well, I thanked you for visiting my blog, and now I will thank you for taking the time to read the blog; hopefully, I will hear from you. Communication is everything!

Enjoy your day -- make every moment count, don't count every moment.


Where does your joy come from? Think about that for a moment....

Do you rely on "things" to bring you joy, maybe material things. In my life, I have to say that material things are part of my joy, but while people have become so wanting and needy for "things," and now suffering because of the economy, I have been experiencing my own recession since the 1980s, and have learned to live without depending on material things to bring me joy.

As we grow older, we may tend to weed out "material" things, and realize that we really do not need them, especially to be joyful. Those who "ratpack" and just cannot part with items collected over the years, are keeping themselves in bondage--bondage from freedom, bondage from letting go, to feel joy. There is a deeper meaning to the "ratpack syndrome."

We all want joy, but do we give joy? Do we smile at that stranger passing us by? Do we make life easier for others? Do we share what the good Lord has given us? Try to keep in your heart the phrase, "It is better to give....unasked!"

"Joy is not in things.....it is in us"

Friday, August 7, 2009

A New Day... A New Attitude

A new day is here, and we know not what it will bring, but what we should bring to this new day is a new attitude; yesterday is gone and we should forget about negative things that happened, except what we have learned from it. "If you lose, don't lose the lesson"

I try to take on the brand new day with a clean, crisp attitude, learn from yesterday's mistakes, and make every moment count, as well as trying harder every day to do better. The day is wasted if you haven't learned something new...or smiled.

Speaking from a writer's point of view, my work is out there, all around me, each and every moment; sometimes I have to stop everything to jot down thoughts inspired by something in that day. Sometimes, the thoughts come in the middle of the night, and I have learned to keep a notepad and pencil next to my bed.

Lately, I have been inspired to write poetry. It seems I haven't had the chance to continue to do that since I was so busy with working on my children's book, and a non-fiction. But, I disciplined myself to grab a notepad; within ten minutes I have anywhere from 5 to 10 stanzas down on paper. It's done. It's written. It felt good to now 'see' it, and maybe share it with someone soon.

To date, I have over 2000 poems. Maybe I will be inspired to write a book of poetry; my first book of poetry was published in 1991..... "And So... My Thoughts." What inspires you? See what this new day brings for you, besides that "new attitude."

Thursday, August 6, 2009

An Author's Work Is Never Done

You get out of the day what you put into it.....an author's work is never done, but you do what you can for that day, walk away from it, and the next day will be here soon enough to get back to your.

I have a bagful of addressed envelopes to be stamped and sent out....it is a brown bag with handles from the food store, filled to the tippity top that I have sat day and night and night and day addressing to the public -- I take advantage of sending my publicity letter everywhere and anywhere; they are e mailed around the world, as well, and I have made some good friends in Austrailia, London, and so many other places. Over the last two months, I have given out, and sent out a total of 1000 publicity letters. You have to be creative when it comes to publicity. You have to be open-minded when it comes to publicity. You have to persevere in your workday of writing. You have to be patient. Anyone can write.... but not everyone can author.

You get out of the day what you put into it....an author's work is never done. A good writer knows when to stop writing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

50 Years Celebration

I am celebrating my 50th year of doing creative writing; I began when I was only eight years old... ok... now you know my age! Poetry flowed from my heart out onto my paper, but I didn't know what I was doing. I wrote little poems for the grammar school newsletter, and wrote often, but one day, I tossed them all away...until I was in my late teens, then I began saving them; to date, I have over 2,000 poems, and still writing. Maybe it is time to start submitting them to the New Yorker Magazine.
My writing has brought me to many other capacities of the craft: publicity articles, poetry column, feature stories, notecards, classroom work, adult books (non-fiction), and now working with my literary agent, Jan Kardys, on one of my children's books. EVERY day, stories, titles of new books to write, opening lines, closing lines go through my head, and I have to stop everything and write them down. My folder of "to do" books is bulging out all over. But, for now, I am concentrating on "Now I Want a Horse" which I wrote in the mid-1980s. Soon it will be published - better late than never! http://seriogirlstories.com

If You Really Want Anything, The Wait Is Worth It

Nobody realizes how hard a writer actually works, but when they have something to share and give back to the world, they put all they've got to get it out there. Yes, there are adversities. Yes, there is rejection. But, you have to keep a vision in your mind, and your mind on the prize. I know that if there are negative thoughts out there from others, it only makes me want to work harder to achieve my goal.
I waited 25 years to get my children's book published, and it was fate that that I found a great lady who is now my agent -- Jan Kardys. God works in mysterious ways...well, that will be the subject of another book... for now, Check out my children's book "Now I Want a Horse" http://seriogirlstories.com a bunny story for children ages 3+ years old