Saturday, January 2, 2010

Holidays are Past...Welcome 2010


The tree was taken down this morning and put by the curb for pick-up; I felt sad that we had to toss it, because it was part of us for a few weeks, and we were part of "it."

The ornaments are all wrapped snuggly, and packed away now,-- the ornaments that we have carried over from year to year: old fashioned balls, special Christmas trinkets, dated items we picked up over the decades from craft fairs, and special handmade ornaments that my granddaughter made especially for "MeMa," dotted the delicate branches.

We would carefully place all the bells on the bottom row so when our cat was batting at the tree, trying to get the ornaments off, we would be warned when we heard the tinkling of the bells. He is now in kitty heaven, but we still put up one of the bells to remember him.

Just a few moments ago I heard a "tinkling" of a bell, as the back door opened. That was one of the jingle bells that was overlooked. It reminded me of two things: was my cat's spirit in and around the house today, and the bell was his way of saying "I am here," as well as the jingling coming from Santa's sleigh.

The house is empty now, and the living room seems bland. How nice it would be to keep the Christmas spirit, and all it entails, each and every day of the year. The catchy Christmas tunes no longer play on the radio. The Christmas cd's and dvd's are packed up until next Christmas. No more Christmas cards will come in the mail..... the holidays are past.

We are in the infancy of 2o10. There is nothing wrong in keeping those Christmas thoughts, tunes, and the spirit of Christmas within your heart. The ornaments and all may be packed away and out of site, but the spirit of the season is always with you...if it wasn't, then why do we have "Christmas in July" sometimes. I know I play some Christmas music then, and every single day I try to do my Christmas duty.

Keep "Christ" in Christmas... keep Christ in your life, and do His work. That's what the spirit is all about.

The holidays may be past, but the spirit should always be present....Welcome 2010!