Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Certain People Are Put In Our Path.....

Life...it's all about people. People we work with, people we call, people we live with, people who pass us by in a car, or walking, or in a store. Some people are labeled "friend," some are labeled "family," some....are unlabled.

"Treat people as you want to be treated," so the saying goes. Do you find it difficult to do the right thing, and then you are treated badly? Do the right thing anyway.

Put aside your material things in life, and give more time to those "people" who are in need, whether they are nice to you or not. God is watching, and maybe testing you! Make a difference in someone's life; you will be blessed. God will reward you, one day. He actually may send a special person to you...put them in your path. Make 2010 a giving year.

Certain people are put in our path; some come and go, and some walk beside us. What are we without each other?

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